The Ides of April (part 3)

My sister finally got back around the 12th. I am glad to see her.

By this time, my arm and shoulder pain has me at the chiropractor’s twice a week. At first, it seems to help, but then I just really don’t seem to be getting any better. His first recommendation is a Hawaii vacation.

hawaiiBut absent that possibility, the second choice recommendation is to try some muscle relaxersSo it seems another trip to the doctor is required, and this I do. Muscle relaxers do help, but I still am not getting rid of my SHOULDER BOULDERS and my arm is still rather completely dysfunctional.

I start thinking about Acupuncture and do a little research. Worth a try. The acupuncturist takes a quick look at me and immediately says that I have a pinched nerve in my neck. I started treatment – twice a week. And the first thing I notice is that, while there is still pain in my arm, the SHOULDER BOULDERS are… Gone??? Yep, no more knots. What remains though is a clear problem with my neck which radiates down into my left arm and shoulder. And it is painful. But I have HOPE.

My sister tells me about something she has just learned about: Frequency Specific Microcurrent. A friend of hers in San Diego demonstrated it to her and it seemed quite remarkable and possibly something that would help me. After more research, I made a call to a clinic in Santa Rosa that supposedly practices it. More hopeuntil they tell me it will cost me a minimum of $400 just to get in the door and talk to someone! And they take no insurance. Hope is temporarily dashed…

 Back to the Acupuncturist.

My dear sister sympathizes with my pain and predicament. Out shopping one day, she comes home with a gift for me: Remember how I wanted a new puzzle for Christmas (and didn’t get one)?

Well I got one now. And a good one! I love Edward Gorey!

And – another good thing: my sister is going to help me with all of this work I have; I am going to essentially subcontract some work to her and bill my client for it – and pay her. This will thankfully take some of the burden off me – this is a huge deal. I tell you – a sister can be a really good thing sometimes!

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