BOOKS – April Update

I finished the Shirley Jackson biography on March 20th and started on the book of her fiction, both of which belong to my sister (and that is one big bonus of living here with her – she has a very large library). Ms. Jackson was a haunted woman – wrote some very good haunted and haunting stories because of it – a remarkable talent.

Then, after finishing that book around the 15th of April, I turned my attention to finishing Joseph Campbell’s Hero of a Thousand Faces – which I started quite some time ago but have only been reading a bit here and there, although I’m enjoying it.

And in thinking about mythology, there are some other books that I’ve been wanting for a while – and so I recently ordered and have been enjoying these:

Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were, by Michael Page

The Mythical Creatures Bible, by Brenda Rosen 

and an art book that I have wanted for a long time:

Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess.  I once got this book from the library and I hated to have to return it.  I really love this guy’s art – I simply HAD to own a copy.

I finally finished “Hero” yesterday evening.  The reason it took me so long to read is that, at first, I was simply trying to read too many different things at once and often choosing fiction as the priority – and then, because of dealing with so much pain and distress, I found it often easier to just watch TV – especially now that I have a brand new very cool HiDef TV in my bedroom – AND three months of HBO for free (due to the annoying and distressing situation I recently had with Comcast, the details of which I do not care to go into at this point).

indexI quickly got myself hooked on Game of Thrones.  I’ve wanted to see that series for a long time, ever since I first heard of it – because I have read those books and I love them!  I have been longing forever for him (George R.R. Martin) to finish the darn series and then my intention has been to read them all over again once he does.  However, who knows how long it might be until he writes the final one – if he ever does!  In the meantime, I really love the story and watching it on the screen is very cool.  I don’t remember there being so much sex in the books, but perhaps it is just that it is different to read a sex scene than to actually view one.  I would actually prefer if the series left a little more to the imagination than it does – but all in all, they have been doing a really good job as far as I’m concerned.  And due to its popularity, a lot of other people think so too.  But I still want him to write the books!

Finally, I wrote some thoughts about the Joseph Campbell book that I might want to put in here – but if I do, it will be at a later time.

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