2016 books (catch-up)

I suppose if I am going to try to re-start/continue to keep my blog up to date, I should record the books I read and never included here.  I have recorded nothing since last April.

And, interestingly enough – to me anyway – I read very few books the greater part of this past year.  I was in a strange phase/funk and could not seem to focus on wanting to read anything.  That has happened very few times in my life!

I have no idea of start/stop dates; I only know that I did read these books – and I do remember that I very much enjoyed them at the time:

Tana French:

In the Woods

The Likeness

Louise Penny:

 A Great Reckoning

And then after a very long break…. starting in December and on into the beginning of January 2017, I read this:

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley


I am now reading…..

Angelfall, by Susan Ee

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