africandaisiesThe weather has been lovely and the trees are starting to bud – I think Spring is finally making an appearance.

I have not been doing very well quitting smoking I did all but quit, but then kept “cheating;” having a couple of hits here and there – then having one cigarette a day, until this past weekend when I found myself smoking almost indiscriminatelyHave I wasted my acupuncture treatments?  I am not going to spend the money to go back though.  I will beat thisBut I must stop this “riding the fence and stop completely, or it just does not work.

JrClassicsHere is an interesting thing:  When I was a child, we had in our house a set of books called “Grolier’s Junior Classics,” and in one of these volumes, there was a story called “Mischief in Fez” that I much loved and still remember.  I recently did a search to try to find a copy of it.

Well – on Friday I learned that I could download a digital version to my iPhone, so I did:

Mischief in Fez by Eleanor Hoffmann and Fritz Eichenberg

This was originally written in 1943 by Eleanor Hoffman, who had quite an interesting life it seems.  There is some information about her here at this link.

And I have been reading this and enjoying it once again.  I well remember the illustrations too, and I am so pleased to have found this!  My sister remembers and well-loved this story as well so she was pleased to hear that I was able to get it.  What fun.

And I was able to see Molly today.  It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since I last saw her!  I am hoping that I can start seeing her rather regularly – soon.  First, I need to go to the dentist and take care of my recurring gum infections.


Unfortunately, I think they will need to pull a tooth or two – perhaps.  THAT will end my smoking.  Funny, the time I was able to quit successfully before it was when I also had to have a tooth pulledApparently getting me to stop smoking “is like pulling teeth.” 

And it seems I’ve forgotten to put my March 31-Point-Plan up here – so here it is:  31PtPlan0313

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