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In 2010, I was given some information by Molly, my therapist, who is also a very talented artist, about an organization/program known as “A.R.T.S. Anonymous.”  At the time, I didn’t really pay much attention to it other than read it through, but as I look back over my writings from 2010 – particularly my thoughts about “Goals Group” it has become clear to me just how relevant this information is and, in fact, I am rather astonished at just how relevant and appropriate this information is to what I was experiencing then, and continue to experience to some degree.

So I have decided to look into this further and try to digest it; see how it might help me in my situation.  Here is some pertinent information:

And in the process of learning about this program, I came across another 12-step program known as “Underearners Anonymous.”  Out of curiosity, I checked it out; after all, I am still always plagued about why I am continually having financial problems without fully understanding why.  And here, perhaps, is something else that may help me better understand myself.  Here is some information about this program:

And as I read about this program, it occurs to me that my financial and “under-earning” problems may possibly have very much to do with my “blocked artist syndrome,” so it could be that both of these programs would serve the same purpose.  Things are starting to fall into place.  Understanding is beginning to occur.  

And can it be true? Could it actually be possible for me to resolve these big issues – Creativity, Work, and Money – all at the same time?  And finally, to be able to understand and come to terms with this stuff at all – after all these years?   

This stuff will require more research and thought, for sure!  Important resources to remember and make use of:  A.R.T.S. Anonymous and Underearners Anonymous.    

Onward & Upward…

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