A thought has occurred to me today, and it’s that – as much “stuff” as I’ve gone through over the years, how is it that my smart and sensitive brother is okay? How has he dealt with everything and how is he living such a seemingly simple and straightforward life?  Does he not feel any of what has always plagued and driven me?  Or has he learned how to come to terms with it?  Or has he perhaps simply buried it all?  Or perhaps men are just different; I do not know.  But I no longer believe that it is only ME.  Tim believes he burned half his brain away in the past, abusing substances…  but no more – and what goes on inside him?  I wonder.  

Some people are just simple, I think; they easily live simple lives and are content.  But my brother is not a simple person.  He is unique and special, just like me and like our sister; and we all had the same childhood, in most respects.  He was not okay any more than was Cherie or I.  But she and I have both worked very hard on ourselves; has he?  I am just curious.

But the bottom line is, simply, is he happy?  Because that is all that matters.  I love my brother.


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