Thinking about how, over these last few years, I have been learning how to “train my brain” to use my time wisely and be “intentional;” I have learned how to schedule myself to do certain tasks at certain times (as weird as that sounds) and now I want to be able to “command myself to draw” when I want, like I can do for other things, because I can’t afford to wait for my “muse” to hit.

I believe I can learn to grab on to that “muse” when desired.  Some people may not believe that is possible, but why shouldn’t it be?  Why should creativity be so slippery and illusive?  I think that if I can train my brain to do certain other things like I have – e.g., we can train our ADHD brains for “left brain” activities in order to fit into this “linear” and “left brain” world (so we can be less of a “square peg in a round hole”) so why can’t we do the same thing for creative “right brain” activities (which, for people with ADHD, seems to be the natural inclination – but which also has been in many cases often subdued in order to pay attention and fit in to the “left brain” world’s demands), then I should likewise be able to do this.

I choose not to accept limitations; I believe we all have the power – or can access the power – to do just about anything.  And I very much believe in the Power of Intention.  And I believe that as we (as Human organisms) are learning, we are also evolving.  And we have unlimited potential.  Because our minds our connected to the Power of the Universe – to God; to all that ever was, to all that is, and to all that will ever be.  We are all connected to each other and to the Universe and to the Power of Life within all.  We all have a lot of power if we but will use it.  This is what I truly believe.

And I choose not to view ADHD as a disability.  I choose to believe it is our world that has become unmanageable to those of us whose brains are sparkly and bright instead of those with the more “standard” sort.  And, after all, our world has become almost equally unmanageable to everyone.  There also seems to be something within us, who have ADHD, which rebels against some of these society-imposed demands and by resisting that, we of course then encounter challenges.  But that does not mean disability.  But I feel like in order to live with integrity, according to my own lights, I have to somehow go against the grain of what is required to live in this society.  It is frustrating.

As for learning, I believe that those of us with ADHD would have benefited from learning about the world and ourselves in a different way than how most of us were taught.  I truly believe this; because we are highly capable of learning.  Or at least most of us are, I believe.  Personally, I think those of us with ADHD are blessed, despite the challenges that arise due to living in a “linear” society.  Truthfully, I believe that life is not meant to be so linear.  The natural world is cyclical.  I believe our society has departed greatly from what is good and natural.  And that is why so much is wrong and sick with our world.  We who have ADHD are not sick.  I think we are closer to being how we humans are meant to be than perhaps many others.  I think that is why so many people are so unhappy.

Are people with ADHD less happy than people without ADHD?  I tend to think that even though we might experience more frustration and dissatisfaction, more difficulty in some cases, I also think we are less focused on those things and more focused on the beautiful and joyful things in life.  I think we tend to be more connected to Spirit.  There is difficulty, but there is also Joy.  How much Joy does the average person experience?  I know Pain.  But I also know Joy.  It lives in my Soul and can be summoned despite anything else.  I sometimes forget that, though.  Life can be so difficult – just to survive – that I forget to look for the Joy.  I don’t have to look very far.  I just have to Remember.


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