Salinger and…

On October 28, I finally started reading My Salinger Year, by Joanna Rakoff, who I saw in person at Copperfield’s in August.

This was a wonderful book and I enjoyed it in many ways.  One thing in particular I got from reading it was the desire to re-read Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.  I believe I read it many, many years ago but had no real recollection of it.  So when I finished My Salinger Year on the 30th, I immediately picked up a copy of Catcher to read.

My first perception of the book while reading it was how very sad and depressing it is: a broken kid, a broken world; but despite how sad the whole thing is, I found myself really caring about Holden and I can certainly understand why so many teens over the years have identified with this character.  J. D. Salinger was certainly a masterful writer, and he will not be easily forgotten, by me or by anyone who has ever read his work.

And I thank Joanna Rakoff for bringing this incredible author to my attention.  My Salinger Year was an absolute delight to read.

I finished Catcher on November 3rd  – and then found myself at a loss for what next to read. . .

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