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Books are really stacking up these days for me to read! But what I’ve determined will be next on my list is the following:

My Salinger Year, by Joanna Rakoff

On June 24th, Copperfield’s presented author Joanna Rakoff to talk about her new book (a copy of which I, of course, bought and had signed). There were not many people there – which is always kind of cool because it seems much more personal and I like being able to speak with the author. She was a darling person and I really enjoyed her talk. The book sounds wonderful. As she talked about it, it brought to my mind how it was for me back in the early 1980s when I first went to work in San Francisco. There was a personnel agency, kind of prestigious and glamorous-feeling; lots of antique furniture and low-lit lamps – I remember one time that, before they sent me on a job interview, they shined my shoes!  Obviously very different than the agency Ms. Rakoff was describing – but hearing about it did bring back certain memories for me.  I look forward to reading this book!

DeborahHarknessThen on July 30th, author Deborah Harkness was at Copperfield’s. And this time, half the store was taken up with folding chairs and it was packed; I had to sit in nearly the back row even though I arrived about 20 minutes early! Ms. Harkness is the author of the All Souls Trilogy, the first two of which I previously have read. She has recently finished this, the third book in the trilogy. I remember when I read these books – I found the first one at the library and picked it up just on a whim. I really, really liked the book and when I saw there was a sequel I quickly checked that one out and read it – but to my dismay, I learned that the third and final book had not yet been written!

And so now it has, and I not only purchased that book (and had it signed) but I bought the first two books as well (and also had those signed) since I never owned them in the first place and I liked them so much. I intend to re-read the first two books prior to reading the new one. And I am eagerly anticipating it! These are very fun books and the author is obviously an extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and creative individual. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her in person. The only negative to the evening at all was the fact that I had come down with a really nasty cold and did not feel very well at all. But I loved these books enough that I wanted to do it anyway! I was relieved though to come home and take myself to bed afterwards. But I am glad I have these books to look forward to!

Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy:


Happy reading!

(And my last name ain’t BOOK for nothing!)

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