More Asimov? (and Gaiman)

After my last post on this subject, I did finish “Pebble,” followed by “Forward the Foundation.”  And I also finished reading the autobiography that I’d been reading for so long. But instead of that being the end of my “Asimov Summer,” I also read “The Martian Way and Other Stories,” after reading in the autobiography how he wrote “Martian Waymartianwayas a response to the McCarthyism that was the current situation at the time.  As it turns out, I already owned an old copy of this book and didn’t realize it.  I enjoyed this story, as well as the other stories in the book, but apparently do not have enough knowledge about McCarthyism to see any symbolism of it in the book.

And finally, because it has been called his best science fiction story ever, I had to read “Nightfall,” which is contained in the book of short stories that I possess.  I loved this story and would have enjoyed if it had gone on longer, but am not sure I want to read the book adaptation that he wrote with Robert Silverberg (although I have also enjoyed that author).  The short story is so good though that I’d be afraid I’d be disappointed with the book; but I don’t know, perhaps I’ll read it at some point.  A wonderful story and premise – it’s something that I think will stay with me.

asimov2And I enjoyed the first autobiography (1920-1954) so much that when I saw the second one (1954-1978) available used, I had to get that one too.  But I think I will save it for later – I think I’ve finally had enough Asimov for now.

So – time to move on.  

And this is what I chose to read now:

The Ocean at the End of the Lane,
by Neil Gaiman

I have read several of Mr. Gaiman’s books and loved every one of them.  Looking forward to this one!

UPDATE:  I finished reading this book on 9/5/14.  It was a wonderful, wonderful book.  (Here is a really good review by Benjamin Percy of the New York Times:  “It All Floods Back.”) One thing I particularly noted in reading this book was on page 53 where he talks about myths.  He says, “They weren’t adult stories and they weren’t children’s stories.  They were better than that.  They just were.”  I like that.  A highly recommended read in my opinion, without question.

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