2012 GOALS

I am creating my Goals this year along the lines of “My Quality of Life Scale,” which goes in this order:

    1. I need to set and maintain regular Exercise schedule – to improve focus and combat depression and lethargy.
    2. Schedule needed doctor/dentist checkups etc.
    3. Pay attention to nutrition and adequate sleep; listen to my body.
    4. Remember to connect with friends and acquaintances; make time for social activities.


    1. House – Make my environment meet my needs and desires – to promote productivity and creativity.  I want this to be MY home and one of comfort and beauty.
      1. Work with sister to clear out mother’s things and excess “stuff” and continue to clear out and de-clutter every part of the house.
      2. Swap bedroom and office; make office functional and comfortable so that it is my favorite place to be; make it My SPACE.
      3. My system of order needs to be VISUAL; I need to see my “stuff” in order to be inspired and/or know what I need to do.
      4. Must set specific tasks and schedule.
    2. Finance
      1. Find (temporary) roommate to rent master suite, thereby reducing my rent.
      2. Pay attention to staying current with billable work.
      3. Get help/support to try to sell creative products and develop more.
    3. Time
      1. Work with a schedule daily; one that suits my needs; balanced, flexible, to accommodate all facets of my life and goals.
      2. I need to schedule blocks of “quiet time” for reflection, reading, absorbing, writing; “feeding the well” – which leads to self-expression, creativity, inspiration.
      3. I need to use my time well; not waste time while still availing myself of needed “slow” time; need to FOCUS.


    1. Need Mentor/assistance/support; help to “make it happen” and manage the “details” of getting my work into the world and getting paid/published/sales.
      1. Finished projects:
        1. “Purvis”
        2. Cat Magnets
        3. Christmas cards (one more to do for set of 4.)
      2. Current works:
        1. “Treasure Box”
        2. “Frogs”
        3. New “dragon” story
        4. several other ideas/outlines
        5. Bugwump” autobiography/fantasy project
      3. Blogging – where might this go?  As writing practice/experience?
    2. Need to take things from start to finish and always be creating more. (Must have adequate space in which to work.)
    3. Find others/resources/groupsso I am not so alone and isolated in this.

4.  HELP OTHERS – I have always wanted – once I have reached relative success in my own life – to be able to reach out and help others in whatever way I can, either by my example, my “gifts” or my direct contribution.  This is the ultimate goal.

And an important quote that I found scribbled on my papers at this point:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the entire stairway.”  
(I probably got this from Molly – Thanks!)

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