“Time Warps”


I have lately decided that, instead of focusing on what I do wrong or what my failings and shortcomings are, I will focus on the things I do right; I check in with myself periodically and give myself validation that what I am currently doing is acceptable and just engage in whatever I choose to do at the present time, trying to keep in mind what my overall goals for the day are.

Then, as sometimes happens, I will be so engaged in something that I lose track of time and realize suddenly that I should have moved on.  Like today, when I was writing, I knew that I was going over the amount of time that I had planned to spend doing this, but my time-limits are somewhat flexible and I decided I would stop when I got to a certain point, and I did.  However, once I moved on to doing other things, I suddenly saw that it was time to pick up my son at school – and, in fact, I was ten minutes late.  I no longer try to figure out how ten minutes could suddenly go by in an instant; it just happens. 

Now, in the past in this situation, I would see what time it was, panic and fret over being late.  I would instantly jump into overdrive, start trying to think of everything that I maybe should’ve done differently, try to figure out how this happened, and fret over what I needed to do now to rearrange my schedule since I obviously screwed up, and I would run out the door feeling frazzled, frustrated and berating myself, worrying that my son would be waiting for me and upset.

I would race down the road, getting impatient over the traffic, trying to think up excuses for why I am late and when I decide to blame it on the traffic, the traffic cooperates by being really bad and then I am really late and feel guilty, but I tell myself that I do have an excuse.  And I promise myself I will try harder to do better.

Well, this is what I did today:  I saw the time and realized that I needed to leave nowat the present time – to pick up Dalton.  I did not let it register that according to my clock, I was already late.  I simply turned around, picked up my purse and my keys and walked out the door.  I focused on nothing other than the task at hand, I am leaving, I am going to pick up my son.  I drove to the school without paying attention to the traffic or thinking about being late.  I behaved and thought in the same way I would if I had left in plenty of time.  I arrived at the school very quickly, practically unaware that any time had even passed.  And I was there before my son had left the building.  According to the clock in my car, it had taken me one minute to get thereBut, it takes 10 minutes.

But, I was on time; no guilt, no stress, no worries.  I simply picked up my son like I was supposed to do.  And when I got home, I could look at my schedule and see what I’d accomplished and that the only tasks I had remaining could be easily done.  No guilt, no frustration, no self-berating. 

And this is what I mean when I have talked about “time-warps.”  This is what I mean when I say that nothing is impossible.  A “rational” individual would have looked at the time on my clock and known without question that I was going to be ten minutes late to the school, no way about it.  However, I did not do that.  I kept the thought in my head that now was the time to pick my son up and that is what I was presently doing.  So where did those ten minutes go?  You tell me.  This type of thing has happened to me many times in my life.

And this is why I believe in “magic.”  BELIEVING is the key.

In conclusion though, what this means to me is that what we focus on determines what we get, what we experience.  And I am finding that when I focus on the positives and on getting what I desire – being how I want to be – then I get more positives.  And when I only focus on my shortcomings and on problems, then that is what I experience.

This is very powerful, and this is real.  It works.  Why do we seem to always have so much trouble believing in something that is so powerful; something that can vastly improve our lives?  Why are we afraid to believe things?  It is an interesting question, but it is one that I am finding answers to within my own life.  Maybe we just need to go through the process of finding these things out for ourselves, in our own time.

Food for thought. 

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