He sees things in black and white
I’m all the colors in between.
He lives among the trees and hills;
I live in a castle built of stone.

He sees a thing for what it is.
I see it for all of its possibilities.
He views life as real and solid and contiguous;
I see it as a swirling mass of everything; a virtual stream of consciousness.

He embraces reality, and I indulge myself in unreality as much as possible…

It’s important for him to be successful.
It’s important for me to be free.
Where he is sunshine and rainbows, I’m in love with dark melancholia.
Where he is joy, I am romance.

He is a major key – and I am a minor one.
He climbs tall mountains, and I remain to float in a soft bubble of color.
He soars with the eagles
And I float with the swans.

He worships the sun and I the stars – for the stars cast no shadows.

Where can we connect?
What is to become of our love; our laughter?  Can it survive?
Are we so different?

The sun, after all, is a star.
And without both major and minor keys, there would be no music.
Eagles and swans are not that different, are they?

And dreams are important.  For without the subconscious, where would the conscious be?

Lord, help us…

(leb, 1994)

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