2009 Goals (part 2)

My goal for 2009 is to figure out how to rebuild my life – from the ground up; start over and do things “right.”  Specifically:

1)  I want to go through my whole house, get rid of things, pare down, simplify, get organized – starting with separating things to a) Keep; b) Donate; c) Sell; d) Trash/Recycle.  Then organize the things I chose to keep, and the things I chose to sell either on eBay or a garage sale, and getting rid of the rest.  I want to know what I have and keep it where I know where it is.

2)  After that is accomplished, I need to secure adequate income and find a place to live that serves my needs and that I can afford.  I want to have sufficient means to support myself and my son.  And I want a home that gives me enough space (my primary requirement), and that I am comfortable in.  My income at present is hinged upon whether I am approved for disability, plus the small amount I now earn in my current business endeavors.

3)  Once I am secure and settled in a home with my basic needs met, I want to work on how to achieve some satisfaction and balance in my life.  I want to explore the things I want to do, what I am able to do to produce an income, and hopefully doing what I enjoy and able to spend my time productively.  The things I want to do include writing (fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, poetry, etc.) and possibly commercial copywriting.  I’d like to try my hand at illustration and get back into drawing and painting.  I would love to get a piano again and play – possibly teach.  I would love to try composing/song writing.  There are lots of things – I just need to feel I have some freedom to explore.

Beyond all that, I need to learn what else may be lacking in my life towards achieving balance and continue learning how to manage my life better (including finances).  I have no more specifics at this point, but perhaps that will be determined at a later time.


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