My long-time therapist/mentor/friend (and ADHD specialist), Molly Bloom, is also the facilitator of the local CHADD group here in Petaluma and runs meetings once a month.  She is the one who came up with the “31 Point Program” as a way to take charge of your life, find balance, and make sure you do the things on a daily basis that are important to you.

I struggled with this concept for a few years but then found myself illustrating a new one every month and really making use of them.  I have found my life much benefited and enriched by the process.

Recently, Molly has suggested that I make my illustrated plans available to others.  So I went through and edited them all to make them blank so that others can fill in whatever they want on them.  And I have now sold a couple of them.

I offer three versions of each month and a set of twelve months is available for $25.  Here are my plans as examples, and I have included an Order Form which can be printed out and sent to me to order the blank versions of these: Order Form

2013 Plans

2014 Plans

2015 Plans

And here is 2016 – unfortunately I only did a couple of these this year:


UPDATE – It is now 2017 and here is my first one:

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