Catching up

Well, luckily, not much seems to have happened in June worth writing about – unlike May, for instance. Mainly, I have been struggling to keep up with an unusual amount of work, what with this new client for which I have to work on location one morning a week, and another client who is out of town all summer and has left me with additional responsibilities while he is gone – and I am also having to run to appointments all the time with the acupuncturist, the chiropractor, and various other things; and the rest of the time I am struggling to deal with pain.

As for my next “move,” I am scheduled to have an MRI on my shoulder tomorrow. While I don’t want there to be anything really wrong, it would also be good if something was identified that could then be fixed, because otherwise this is starting to feel rather hopeless, like I will be in pain forever. And that is simply unacceptable.

I have still been reading a lot; Isaac Asimov has been keeping me busy since I discovered how much I like the “Foundation” books. I am also now reading his “robot” books since there are connections between those and the later “Foundation” stories. And in trying to locate some of those books, I ended up buying a copy of an autobiography he wrote back in 1979, which I am really enjoying. He was a very interesting individual. I don’t know why I have never before read any of his books, especially since I have always loved science fiction on the whole. I think I must have thought they would be too “scientific” for me to understand or something; but they are not, they are wonderful.

fcc-cabernetAnd something that I’ve been enjoying here and there (although I don’t drink much or very often any more), is this wine I found recently. It’s pretty good wine for a really good price. (And I really just like the label.)

And I now have only a few posts I want to write to “catch up.” Here are some I have just finished:

And I think that about does it for the month of June.  Hopefully I will not get behind again!

(Onward & Upward)

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