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Life Among and Savages; Raising Demons By Shirley Jackson

Life Among the Savages; Raising Demons By Shirley Jackson

I started reading this book on March 4th.  I’ve decided to try to read as many memoirs as I can right now to try to educate myself about the format to help my own writing.

But it’s hard to really think about that while I’m reading this book because it is so wonderful!  I love her writing, her sense of humor, and especially her exquisite insights about her children and the way she describes them.  It is truly a remarkable book and I’m glad to be reading it!

When I finish this one, I intend to read a biography of her that my sister has, Private Demons, and then also some of her fiction – of which I’ve read a little bit in the past but never had a chance to finish the book at that time.  Looking forward to it!

Update 3/16/14 – I finished Life Among the Savages; Raising Demons a couple or so days ago and started reading the autobiography:  Private Demons, by Judy Oppenheimer.  Shirley Jackson was a very interesting person and I’m enjoying this book a lot, as I did her books that I read.  I’m also looking forward to reading more of her fiction when I finish with this book.

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