The name March comes from Latin Martius, the first month of the earliest Roman calendar. It was named for Mars, the Roman god of war who was also regarded as a guardian of agriculture.  Apparently, before he became popularized as a warmonger, Mars was actually fertility and agricultural deity. He, along with other deities like Ceres and Cybele, oversaw the new growth of spring and encouraged the continuation of life.  

In some places this month has had names meaning the month when the earth becomes dry enough so that it is possible to cultivate it, and in other places meaning birch tree or the month of birches.

So for this month’s 31-point-plan theme, I decided to draw birch trees – with snow melting on the mountain tops.  And this month I had very little time to work on this, so I’ll just say I’m surprised it came out as well as it did!


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