Red-Tailed Hawk

This afternoon while I was in the garage doing laundry, I heard a bird that made me turn to look out the window.  No more than 6 feet from where I was standing at the window, perched on the hot-tub railing, I saw this:

Red-tailed HawkIt was amazing.  What a cool-looking bird!  It looked right at me, and then flew away.

I think we may have seen the last of our little rat friend (that I spoke of at Thanksgiving) because I know no other reason for a red-tailed hawk to be on our patio!  I often hear these birds and see them flying way up high; occasionally I might see one sitting on top of the telephone pole.  But never have I seen one so close and personal – and what a gorgeous bird!

Too bad for the rat though – if, in fact, he was the reason for the visit of this amazing bird – a snack perhaps? Sad

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