sheikh_tuhin_Christmas_Vector_ClipartMY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas Wish List.  I have decided that this year I have some things to ask for (and I’ve been a pretty good girl):

1.       The thing I want most this Christmas is for my son to finish up his schoolwork ASAP so that I can do my shopping and then relax and enjoy the Holidays (and so he can too)!

2.       I would love another 1000-piece puzzle to take my mind off stressful things.

3.       I would also like some replacement “Book Mints.”

4.       Some See’s Candy would be nice.

5.       And a little bit of World Peace wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Thank you! (I’ll leave some extra milk and cookies for you to show my appreciation.)


Linda Book

P.S.  What I really want is a powerful MacBook Pro laptop.  But, things being what they are, I can be very patient. 


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