09/9/13: a final thought…

…OK, so I’ve been trying to keep up with having a blog.  I am told that writers and artists (or anyone who wants to be “seen” in some way) need to make daily use of all of the Social Media tools; for example, you write a blog post, then “tweet” it, post it to FB, etc., so that you’ve covered all the bases.

I had a difficult time in the first place just trying to get used to Facebook.  I found it to be an overwhelming (and frequently boring) waste of time.  And I rarely have found much that I really feel the need to post.  I have at times tried to use it more though and I’ve gradually gotten a little more adept and familiar with its uses.  But I still feel it more time-consuming than it’s worth.

Then I started this WordPress blog in order to learn how to write online, for several reasons.  But I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to keep it up.  My most familiar and natural way to write is with pen and paper and it is harder for me to compose on the keyboard; I am much freer with my writing when I do it by hand.  But for obvious reasons it would benefit me to learn to write better on the screen.   And I like the idea of seeing my writing in this way.

Then, at some point, I kept getting invitations from people I know to join LinkedIn, so I finally did.  And then just recently I opened a Twitter account.  But I still do not really know what one does with these things, it just seems strange to me why people do these things or how they find the time.  Am I just getting OLD?  🙁

And I am continually puzzled by how so many people seem to be always online, posting and tweeting things, and how on earth they have the time to do and experience the things they post and tweet about if they are always posting and tweeting about them instead of actually doing and experiencing those things

In other words, how can I write about Life if, instead of spending my time living life, I am always on the computer posting and tweeting and blogging and everything instead of actually living my life?  I mean, just living takes up so much of my time that it’s hard enough to find time to write in the first place – and then if I have to type it up online and post about it – well I suppose it could take me longer to do those things than perhaps it does other people, but I am a very fast typist, and very computer literate, so that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.  But – all I can do is keep plugging away – and WRITE.  Eventually perhaps it will all become like second nature.

And now I must stop here – and go DO the things I need to be doing right now!  MAYBE I will find the time to write about it later!  (OR does one DO things one day, and then WRITE about it the next?)  And WHY is this a good way to live?????  😀

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