Summer, so far…

I find myself realizing that one whole month of summer is nearly gone already and I’ve written next to nothing.  What have I been doing?

Well, let’s see…

For one thing, I have been waiting for my tax refund since February.  In my last conversation with the IRS I was told that I “should have it by July 12th.”  This has been a ridiculous nightmare.  Nearly 5 months waiting for my tax refund!  It’s the largest refund I think I’ve ever received – and I have plans for it!  In particular, I am waiting to plan my trip with my son back down to L.A. to see my father.  But I need this money first! Very frustrating.

I have been doing pretty well so far this summer with keeping to a productive schedule; I’ve been working, drawing – and playing the piano.  And I also spent a couple days cleaning and organizing in the garage.  There is a lot more that needs to be done out there, but it is now much, much better than it was.  I have no desire, however, to get back out there until the end of this horrible HEAT WAVE.  It is very rarely this hot here in Petaluma and we are not used to dealing with it – it’s been in the middle or upper 90s for days now and more hot days are forecasted.  They say it is supposed to get up to 99 tomorrow.  UGH.  And of course we do not have A/C; very few people in this part of the country have air-conditioned homes because we so rarely need it.  It generally always gets cool at night and it is not usually too hard to keep it cool inside on hot days – but things do not have a chance to cool off enough at night when the temperatures are this high.  But I guess we’ll get through it somehow.

Earlier this month I was hit by horrible allergies, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I have had to take some of Dalton’s allergy pills at times and have been using the Neti Pot as much as I’m able to remember – that helps a lot.  But I got out of my daily walking/exercise habit when I was sneezing so much and then it’s hard to get back in the habit.  Then, once I finally did… it got so bloody HOT!  Sheesh.

Dalton’s been doing better this summer.  Last summer was a tough one for him (and likewise, for me) with him staying holed up in his room and on his computer all the time, sleeping half the day and staying up half the night.  He’s doing much, much better this year – partly because he is no longer coping with anxiety about going to a new school and everything, partly because we implemented a midnight Internet shut-off policy last winter and are maintaining it (and he eventually quit complaining and arguing about it), and partly because my now-13-year-old boy is growing up.  He has even requested that I wake him up in the mornings this summer and not let him sleep away half the day!  He has made an effort to spend more time with me, and we have also implemented a system whereby he can earn an allowance by doing chores (and learn how good it feels to be productive, fulfill responsibilities, and earn money from those efforts).  He’s been doing very well.

field-pianoI also have started to give him piano lessons.  He expressed the desire and I am happy about it.  He hasn’t been practicing as much as I would like, but he’s doing remarkably well.  And it has me rather enthused about giving lessons.  I gave the first lesson to my first paying student this past week.  Very cool.

And, here’s a surprise:  Last weekend, during the Sonoma-Marin Fair here in town, my brother-in-law ran into Louis, IMG_5534 who asked about me.  And he has since been in touch with me and has invited me to go out to dinner with him this evening.  Wow, it has been a while.  He hasn’t seen me with red hair yet.  And I lost all of the weight I’d gained taking hormones this past year and am now skinnier than ever.  LosAngeles 011

In fact, I recently bought myself some skinny jeans (and a bikini to wear in L.A. this summer); I have definitely shrunk.  Whether he likes the changes or not we shall see.  If anything, I’m better in many ways than I was when last I saw him.  (Too bad I started screwing up smoking.  And yes, I’m still being stupid. backyard 004 Sneaking off behind the rose bushes and all that nonsense.  But I hope to stop it AGAIN soon!)

So I am a bit nervous about tonight but it shouldn’t be anything but a nice time.  It will be fun catching up and everything.  And I’ve invited him to come on the 4th when I’ve also invited Tim and Ana to come for the day.  I am really hoping this heat wave ends before then!


Meanwhile, I will just try to stay cool somehow!


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