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I am thinking about the concept of “MOTHER” today.  And I believe we would all agree that, on this planet at least, the concept of “mother” is a Universal one.  This is, of course, due to the fact that our planet is all we know of the Universe, and all Beings in that Universe that we know of, are born, live and die – and have or have had – a mother.  [Of course, there are those who will bring up the idea that there was an Original Mother, aka Eve.  And that Eve had no mother.  I, however, choose not to go down that particular path, ok?  Good.]

So here’s a thought:  What if there are Beings besides us, Earthlings, in the Universe at large – is it possible that these theoretical Beings could exist without virtue of having had a mother?  Say they are Immortal and do not die. Hmmm…

If that were true and there were no mothers, was no concept of “mother” – then there would be no reproduction either.  No mothers, no Fathers, no Babies.  And that would make sense if the original inhabitants never died.  So it follows that there would also be no sex, no gender, no differences in anyone other than the basic differences between every individual, regardless of sex.  There would be no sexual competition, no mates.  Perhaps there would be a type of “pair bonding,” but it would have nothing to do with the primary attraction factors that go into play when humans choose a partner.  Interesting.

Something to think about whenever we find ourselves wishing we didn’t have to ever die.  Would we be willing to give up sex as we know it for immortality – I wonder…

And this also brings to mind the book “Oryx and Crake,” that I just read.  This story assumes that humans in the future will still be searching for immortality.  And there are some interesting concepts concerning the idea of procreation and reproduction in this book.  Very interesting…

As for Mothers – my sister, my son, and I visited my mother’s resting place on Sunday.  We took the time to walk around the cemetery and look at gravestones.  Some of them are very old.  It is interesting to think about all those that went before us, and how connected we all are in our Humanity.

And how we all eventually come to grieve for our Mothers. 

Here is my Mother as a baby, with her Mother, sometime in 1930 or 1931:  babymervilyn


(This pic makes my son’s eyes look crossed! Weird, he has perfect eyes!)

…And here I am 13 years ago, with my Mother and my young son.



Time goes by so fast….

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