Today I started reading “The Nuremberg Interviews,” by Leon Goldensohn; Robert Gellately, editor.  Who isn’t curious about what drove the Nazi “monsters” to do what they did.  It is chilling.  

…And as I write this, I am thinking about a client of mine, for whom I have worked for nearly ten years – and who is starting to get old… I begin to be concerned about the current state of his mind.  

This man, an attorney, has not always been very easy to work with and I know that he has not been the easiest man to deal with, nor has he likely made many friends.  (He is, after all, a lawyer.)  But lately he has had more than his share of troubles.  And it seems to me that he is getting rather paranoid.  I realize though, that I feel nothing but compassion for him.  And, after all, I truly believe that everyone deserves compassionat least at some point in their life

And then I stopped – and thought about these Nazis about whom I’ve been reading so much these last few weeks.  Do/did the Nazis deserve compassion in any way whatsoever?  I do not think so.  I think that because they chose to abandon their HUMANITY and any sense of mercy – I do not think they deserve/d one bit of compassion for what they did.    

In any event, this book looks fascinating.  I am looking forward to reading it.

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