I am writing this in January of 2013.  February 3, 2009 is the day my mother died. 

It was also my son’s 9th birthday.  Neither he, nor I will ever forget that day.

But, as I have been recently going back over my writings, I have found that I did not write anything at, or about, that time.  There is a big gap. 

I do remember that time quite clearly.  And I remember spending a lot of time simply sitting and staring into space. 

I want to write about my mother; to come to terms with her death.  But I still do not feel that I am ready to do that.  Maybe someday I will be. 

 In the meantime, I still grieve.  I miss you, Mother. 

(I do not know where I got this picture, or who might own it; it just speaks to me somehow.)

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