Here is something I learned this week:  I learned about “earworms.”  When I listen to music, I often end up with music “stuck in my head” for periods of time, sometimes lasting over a day and often I wake up with it.  This is mostly a good thing because it is usually songs I have listened to that I very much like.  But it can be awful if it comes from some annoying commercial jingle or something, or from “music on hold.”  I have always had music in my head a good bit of the time, but I never before knew there was a word for it.

Sometimes my brain even makes up the music.  Sometimes I wish I knew how to transfer what is in my head onto sheet music or into some form where I could save it.  And who knows, maybe someday I will learn how to do that.  Anything is possible…

Here is the “earworm” I have had stuck in my head for about the last week or so – and I really love this song:  


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