31 point plan

In 2009, Molly brought to my attention this “31 Point Plan”:

Try as I might, I could never really grasp how to use this; I understood that it was a tool to make life better, by ensuring we do those things daily that give us joy – but I never really knew what “those things” were I guess.


Finally, in December of 2010, I now begin to “get it” – although there is no way I can think of 31 things to put on it:

And I managed to continue into 2011, but only managed it for a couple of months; it fell by the wayside by the middle of March: 





I tried it again in 2012, and this time I decided to be creative and draw my own to help motivate me.  But I only did it for 2 months:

This year (2013) I am very determined to keep it up.  I am going to post them here to (hopefully) inspire me to continue.

 2013 “31-Point Plan

I have (finally) learned the full value of doing this.  And I now am more aware of what it is that makes me feel happy and alive.  This tool is a good way to keep Balance in my life and make sure I am finding time to do the things that make my life better and that are meaningful to me; a way to follow my goals, track my progress, remind myself of things and feel like I have more control over my life.  I don’t know how other people use this, but I have found a way to make it work for me and am grateful for it.

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