Santa Cruz (Road Trip part 3)

Road Trip, 2014 – continued:


Tuesday morning, August 26th – we are now in Santa Cruz, where we will remain until Thursday, August 28th.  We are staying at the same place we stayed last year, which is only two blocks up from the Boardwalk entrance.







We spent our three days here on the Boardwalk, playing Mini-Golf, Bowling, and of course, eating.  We also spent some time on the beach, and in the motel pool.









On Wednesday evening, we decided to check out the Santa Cruz Wharf.

Dalton located a really great place for us to eat dinner:  Gilda’s Restaurant.  We had a delicious meal and the views were fantastic.

VegiePastaPestoI even took a picture of my plate; it not only looked gorgeous, it tasted heavenly!


Then finally, on Thursday morning, after we checked out of the motel, we decided to drive over to see “The Mystery Spot.”

This was fun!  Strange and interesting.  And a rather entertaining tour guide, as well.

Following this little excursion, we went back to the Boardwalk one final time and had lunch and visited the Arcade.

All in all, we had a really nice time in Santa Cruz – the weather was great, no problems, no worries – until much too soon, it was time to go home.

Leaving somewhat later than we had intended, we were soon back on Highway 1, going North.

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we found Highway 101 a virtual parking lot, with traffic backed up for as far as could be seen.


So, to keep to my goal of avoiding freeways, I decided to head over the mountains and down into Stinson Beach; then over the hills and on up to Point Reyes and finally, Petaluma.

We arrived just before dusk; tired, hot, dusty – and of course, HUNGRY!

Home, sweet home – until our next escape!

And that ends part 3, and completes, our Summer Road Trip of 2014.


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