Thanksgiving tradition

Thanksgiving at Tim and Ana’s house has become our tradition.  We haven’t been real big on tradition in our family, but even the little things count.  I’ve recently had the idea to collect family recipes; I want to put together a little booklet with them, a sort of family tradition/keepsake thing. I think tradition becomes more important as one grows older… at least I seem to be experiencing that these days more and more.

I think the best part of family get-togethers are the stories.  Everyone has their stories and it can be so fun when we share them.  Tim is the best – he has a way of telling a story that is just so funny, and this Thanksgiving there were some good ones.  I mentioned that we have a little field rat that’s been hanging around our woodpile in back of the house and we learned that Tim and Ana have a rat that lives under their shed:  they call him “Larry” and think he must be gay because he never seem to reproduce.  Hmm, should we come up with a name for our rat friend?  😀

We took pictures

And I got to hear my nephew, Scott’s, rendition of a Journey song – playing all the instruments himself, it was phenomenal, he has a real gift.  He apparently did this song about a year ago, and here it is: 


And here are some other things he has done and put online; I think he is just wondrously talented!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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