Ender’s Game

Last night I started reading “Ender’s Game,” which I first read about 30 years ago.  It’s recently been made into a movie, which I would really like to see – and thus would like to read the book again first.  I don’t know what happened to my copy of the book, but I had bought a copy of it a couple of years ago for my son to read (he hasn’t yet read it), so I am now reading his copy.  And this version includes an introduction by the author that was written in 1991.  I was curious to see how this book reads so many years later.  All I remember is that I’d loved it, as I loved all the Orson Scott Card books I’ve ever read.

The Margaret Atwood novel I’d started reading a few days ago just doesn’t seem to fit my current “space” so I put it aside to read sometime later.  I have also been reading these Dan Pink books.  I finished “Drive” and am now rereading “A Whole New Mind.”

Some SciFi books, like perhaps “Ender,” can feel amazingly timely decades later because of the basic human truths they contain.  Ender’s Game concerns gifted children and in the author’s introduction, he talks about such children in the real world having written to him to express how much they felt like outcasts and how they have loved the book.

It is a wonderful book.  One of the customer reviews on amazon.com says it’s “One of the Most Stunning Novels Ever Written” and I look forward to seeing the movie when it is out, as well.

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