Lately I’ve decided to review and/or finish some of my books about ADD that I have had for several years, like these two for instance:

Moms with ADD

and “10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD,” both of which I got years ago.

I am also reading an Anne Perry mystery, as well as also reading “Drive.”  I don’t know why I am suddenly pulling out and finishing all these books I was in the middle of and set aside so long ago but it’s like all these different things are starting to synthesize and make sense, like something big is cooking in my head.

And it has to do with ADD, creativity, and the notion of “drive” and what makes us tick.  It all starts to put my very confusing life into a context that makes sense to me and I love it.  And not only that, but it also fits in with all the reading and writing and thinking about this “bugwump”/memoir I want to write, along with a novel idea that I’ve been thinking about lately, about human evolution.  I am seeing connections everywhere, which happens sometimes and which I find very cool.

I decided yesterday that I needed to own “The Memoir Project” (I had borrowed it from the library) and so I ordered it from Amazon.com along with a used copy of Dan Pink’s “The Right Mind” which I’d checked out from the library and read a couple years ago.  I am enjoying “Drive” so much and I recall how much I liked this other one and would like to read it again.

So I stopped reading The Memoir Project until I receive my copy – I want to be able to use a highlighter, it is so obviously full of good information.  I also ordered a couple of writing books I’ve wanted, in order to bring the total up to qualify for free shipping.  I’m a bit anxious though because I am running a bit low on money and I know I do not always use “sound” judgment where money is concerned, I have a hard time calculating what I need and can afford.  I apparently have never been able to really comprehend money in the right way; like time, it seems malleable, but isn’t.  It is odd to me that time and money seem to be so very similar in nature, they seem to operate sort of on the same principles – and that would be linear, left-brain type principles, which to us ADD/right-brainers, it doesn’t quite make sense or seem real.

I wonder if on the other side of things there are principles that we understand fine that the normal people do not.  Problem with that is that if it is true, it wouldn’t much matter because it would be ignored and considered goofy or dysfunctional.  Unfortunately we cannot ignore the concepts of time and money whether they seem meaningless or not.  Maybe we could learn how to deal with these things better if it was placed in a different context somehow, like if life was totally different.  Theoretically, you know like if magic really worked and reality was subjective.  Like I find it easy to believe.  🙂

Hey, it’s all relative anyway.  But it is all fascinating and intriguing and wonderful, to me.  LIFE.

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